Doomsday Dining! Chicken Fried and Freeze Dried Giveaway!


hi folks
Canadian prepper here so on this installment of mountain house mondays
we’re going to be checking out the chicken fried rice as usual we’re also
going to be doing a giveaway for this number ten can of chicken fried rice
last for 30 years it’s freeze-dried food of course and the winner of last week’s contest will be
announced at the end of this video now before I get into this review I just
want to give you an update on the bug-out roll situation for all of you
who have ordered your bug-out roll and have been incredibly patient while I try
to get these orders out I’ve almost caught up and if you haven’t
gotten a notification that your order has shipped yet you soon will be I’m
just waiting on a shipment of olive to come in and once those do get here I’m
still going to be awaiting another shipment of those but I’m thinking
within three weeks all the orders that have been actually taken will be sent
out and I’ll be finally caught up and I’ll be able to launch another campaign
of sorts or just another go on another advertising spree if you will so thank
you for your patience many of you it would appear have the patience of
Buddhist monks and for that I’m grateful I still do have some camel bug-out rolls
in stock that are ready to go if anybody wants to pick one up I will post a link
in the description for those of you who don’t know what the bug-out roll is it’s
a very convenient way to store your gear in the field it’s a modular system which
has a Velcro attachment so you can attach additional sections on the bottom
this is made of some of the finest materials we got 1000 denier Cordura we
got heavy duty number 10 YKK zips reinforced stitching in all the right
places and it’s just a great Canadian made product so get it while it’s hot so
I’m not going to run another campaign until I’m fully caught up on orders like
I say that’s only going to be a few weeks we’re only a few weeks away from
that so thank you for your patience I hope to get you your roll in time for
you to enjoy it this some anyways on with the review so this is
the sixth installment of the mountain house giveaways now if you’re not
familiar with what mountain house food is it’s freeze-dried food meaning all of
the moisture is sucked out of it all of the texture and taste and nutrient value
is preserved with these portable packets you can cook it in a bag like I say it
lasts 30 years so it’s going to last you a long time very easy to cook very
little cleanup that you have to do and they taste better than any freeze-dried
food on the market with the exception of the stuff you can make by yourself with
your harvest right freeze drying machine and they’re going to be seeing me do a
lot more in-depth reviews of that machine in the near future I would
suggest that if you’re looking for long-term food storage you’re going to
want to go with the number 10 cans that’s how you’re going to get the best
bang for your buck but if you’re just trying to say prepare for 3 to 14 days
you might want to get the variety packs the mountain house 3 to 14-day emergency
packs which contain a variety of different meals you’re not going to
quite get as much bang for your buck but you get these mylar bags which you can
cook the food in and it’s going to make for less cleanup so with this you’re
getting a bit more quantity but you’re not getting the convenience or the
variety with this you’re getting the variety and the convenience and just a
lot more user-friendly so all you have to do with this stuff as you’ve seen
before is you crack the bag open like so it’s a resealable mylar bag so of course
you can reuse the mylar bag and within there we have our desiccant packet and
freeze-dried food which smells delicious might add so what I’m going to do
actually because we have to read the wisdom that’s on the bottom every
mountain house pack has some kind of words of wisdom on the bottom so let’s
see what this one has to say alright so this one says don’t tell fish stories
where the people know you but particularly don’t tell them where they
know the fish gonna have to think about that one for a
while that one is by Mark Twain always give you stuff to think about you know
that’s something great to think about around a campfire or something like that so within this one you’re getting 11 grams of protein per serving now I already went over why they have to use the terminology of serving instead of just putting the amount of calories it’s a legal issue I’m not going to break it down again because this video will just be too long-winded

so anyways within this pack you’re getting 2.5 servings 260 calories per
serving you’re getting up close to 700 calories probably 650 and 700 calories
per package so that’s not bad so if you’re not doing a whole lot of
laborious work three of these could keep you at a caloric maintenance level
meaning that you won’t lose any weight and you’ll be able to keep all the mass
that you have on you and not get fatigues and get all the nutrients that
you need 11 grams of protein per serving means that there’s about 27 grams of
protein within this package 3 of those would easily satisfy your general
protein needs for the day for a man or a woman I should add that the expiry date
on this is the year 2027 and the expiry date on this one is 2047 this has a best
use by date of 2027 now they say that’s used by but the fact is this is probably
going to last 25 years or longer and this is going to last 30 years or longer
now in the house has been around for about 50 years so they’ve had a chance
to really put these longevity claims to the test and they found that most of the
nutrients are preserved out 230 years after that the food might start to
degrade too much and you might start to lose the textures and really start to
lose the taste and the nutrient value of the food but up until that point and
let’s face it 30 years from now most of us are going to be geriatric anyways our
taste buds at that point probably aren’t going to care especially if who happens
to be incredibly scarce now while you do pay
more money for this food now and it’s a point that I made in the last video
about why stockpiling of freeze-dried food in particular is actually an
investment because the value of this food over the next 20 years is going to
go up you buy it at a certain price now but in 20 years the price of something
like this might triple and not even solely due to inflation but just a simple fact that food prices everywhere
particularly with regards to meat and vegetables are constantly going up and
this of course is chicken fried rice with vegetables so let’s check it out
alright so we have our pre measured cup and a half of boiling water I’m going to
try not to spill this pour it in the bag simple as that probably best to stir it
around with utensil but what I’m going to do is just shake it up this is great
at the campsite because it’s no mess you don’t have to do dishes nobody likes
doing dishes when you’re in the outdoors pain in the you-know-what got to go down
to the river and crouched over in the dark because you don’t want to be
leaving your food around for the critters at night and with these you can
just burn these in the fire afterwards miler goes up like you wouldn’t believe
on some hot coals I don’t know how environmentally
friendly it is but it’s going to go up in flames so I’m just going to let this
sit for about 10 minutes and we’ll come back to it we’ll see what
we got alright so I think I’ve put a little bit too much water in there and I
realize that this is not a luxury when you’re in the wilderness but I’m going
to use a strainer to drain off the excess before we put it in the bowl for
you to see I probably put about 50 milliliters too much water and it could
probably stand a stitch for another minute or two now once again you can get
this mountain house food through the link in the description I’m going to
post a link to the 14-day food supply it’s something that’s worth having on
hand it’s a morale booster it’s something which is going to be very
palatable especially for people who are not accustomed to having to endure
hard times which many of course in our society and probably within your family
to some extent or another are not equipped for that mentally or physically
and certainly perhaps they probably
aren’t Preppers either these packages
are also the perfect size for if you
wanted to do some bartering so let’s see
what we got in here the great thing
about these mylar packages is that they
really retain the heat well same
material as a space blanket and
coincidentally it’s also space food now
when you’re looking at this obviously as
that wet coating to it if you want to
fry this up it might actually you know
tastes a lot like chicken fried rice as
far as I could see it looks a lot better
than some of the chicken fried rice you
get in some Chinese restaurants right
now let’s let’s check it out you got to
remember that in 25 years this is going
to taste and look exactly the same
whereat lacks in appearance it makes up
for in functional value certainly has
that buttery oily fried taste to it man
this is delicious
this chicken fried rice is a lot better
than plain chicken and rice Mountain
Alice the peas and carrots in there are
really plump and juicy the thing with
freeze-dried foods it’s so great is
unlike dehydrated food when it sucks up
all that moisture all of the textures
retained so it tastes like a pea that
was never frozen freeze-dried or
anything with a lot of the mountain
house meals one of the complaints I’ve
had is there just isn’t enough
vegetables in this one it seems like the
denomination’s are really precise I
guarantee you that this tastes
almost as good as normal chicken fried
rice with the exception that it does
taste a little bit more processed than
what you would find in a Chinese store
and of course the rice isn’t as fluffy
it’s a bit more wet but I tell you it
sure goes down easy there really isn’t a
whole lot that this lacks and honestly
it was a lot better than I expected I’m
tempted to give this a nine point five
out of ten and some generous helpings of
chicken even though they’re pretty small
pieces that’s typically what we’re
accustomed to with Chinese food anyways
is that the chicken is very small and
it’s used sparingly within here with in
every bite I’m at least getting one
piece of chicken now there is also some
egg in there which the texture of which
is not the greatest but it adds to the
the chicken fried rice taste
freeze-dried eggs are kind of a hard
sell it’s not so much that they taste
that bad it’s just really hard to
reappraise the texture of freeze-dried
eggs once they’re rehydrated either
they’re going to have a powdery taste to
them when you get down to the grain and
the other part of it is going to be kind
of soupy so you never quite achieve that
fluffy texture of a well-cooked egg but
in something like this the egg is a
perfect addition it’s like all the
weaknesses of the egg are disguised in
the mixture and all of its positive
qualities are brought out by the other
ingredients now the sodium content of
this is obviously pretty high you’re
getting about 70 percent of your daily
sodium within this one meal and of
course you need three of these meals to
maintain your calories so you’re looking
at 200 percent of your sodium intake for
the day not much if you’re drinking a
lot of water not a huge deal really in
reality it’s not much different than
what a lot of people are getting in
their diets nowadays as you can see as I
get closer to the bottom as more of that
moisture is absorbed and this is why you
probably should wait maybe five minutes
then the package indicates but if you’re
using these outdoor in the wintertime
you want to preserve that heat so you
might want to dig in sooner than later
but the longer you wait the better the
texture is going to be because more of
that excess moisture which might
compromise the taste will have
evaporated or I’ve been soaked up by the
food so my final judgment of this is an
easy 9.5 so far I would have to say that
pepper steak is a 10 this is definitely
a 9.5 chicken fried rice is absolutely
delicious if you’re going to buy 1/2
Mountain how it’s can I would encourage
you to check out the chicken fried rice
and I’m quite certain that this chicken
fried rice is very well priced as well
relative to the other cans not all
number 10 cans are going to be the same
price for example the pepper steak the
one that tastes the best is around $40
the chicken and rice which is probably
the most bare-bones one is around $20
I’m guessing this is somewhere in
between I’ll post a link in the
description thanks for watching don’t
forget to Like comment subscribe to get
your name into the draw for this number
10 cat right now let’s head on over to
the computer to see who the winner was
of last week’s contest don’t forget if
you want a bug-out role I will post a
link in the description the only ones I
have in stock right now or a camel so
you’re going to be waiting a few weeks
for the red the Oliv or the black
alright folks so let’s select a winner
of last week’s contest so we’re going to
take the link and we are going to apply
it to the random youtube comment picker
let’s see how many comments we had on
this video looks like we got 639
comments and let’s see how many unique
comments we had
lots of comments on these ah 629 unique
users let’s pick nope let’s pick the
randomly picked one I never tried it now
I will for sure
well Steelers fan 196 I’m assuming that
guy’s American so it looks like you’re
the lucky winner Steelers found let’s
just go vet him to make sure he’s not
some raging psychopath okay
Steelers fan three subscribers has no
videos posted or does he oh well he’s
got a lot of liked videos clearly a
prepper the guy has prepper written all
over him I know he’s a bona fide prepper
and not one of these people who just
surfs YouTube looking to enter giveaways
looks like he’s a big fan of the Yankee
Marshall I don’t mind Yankee Marshall I
think he’s a fairly level-headed guy who
else does he have in here a couple
people that don’t really need mentioning
oh we got to practice prepper over here
you know practice prepper go check out
practice prepper channel but guys just
is hilarious really like that guys Jenna
what else do we got here we got the
whole Morpheus cliche blah blah blah oh
look at this we got some Canadian
prepper like videos that roll
you got to get yourself some phat rope
man that rope is just great stuff we got
some missions here here another very
level-headed preparedness female some
urban prep her up in here I really like
this guy I’m really glad he won
so while congratulations steelers fan
the Hickok 45 vickers tactical i haven’t
really watched you much of that channel
i don’t really watch a lot of tactical
channels i’m not really too much of a
gun guy i’m kind of a gun guy but not
really much of a gun guy
looks like he entered my SES Bowl
thingamajigger pepper Channel survey
blah blah blah yeah well right on man
I’m really glad you know I’m always glad
when the winner I pick happens to be
somebody who is really involved in the
community and is supporting these
channels it’s just great when it works
out like that so congratulations
Steelers fan this will be the last
Mountain House review unless we get some
other kind of partnership going in the
future in terms of me actually doing a
giveaway at this point there may well be
more giveaways but I think I’m going to
put this to rest for summer we might
come back to it and fall thanks for
watching guys don’t forget to Like
comment subscribe and get yourself a
bug-out role through the link below
support Canadian and North American

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