SHTF: Humility and Survival


hi folks Canadian prepper here another
car video today so pardon the background
noises and that eerie sound you might
hear wanted to do a video today on the
topic of humility humility and just life
in general and in a potential breakdown
shtf post-apocalyptic whatever you want
to call it type scenario humility is
what I’ve come to find of 33 years old
right now I’ve come to understand that
humility is one of the most empowering
states of mind that a person could could
ever be in it kind of reminds me of
exercise you know when you’re a a lot of
people have the misconception that when
you’re in the gym you’re actually
getting stronger and it’s actually when
you’re when you’re in the gym you’re
you’re kind of what they call catabolic
so you’re breaking down tissues and in
breaking down those tissues you’re
stimulating the growth of more tissue
but that doesn’t happen until you rest
until you stop doing what you’re doing
that’s when you become what they call
anabolic is when you relax when you
recover when you dare I say listen and
not talk and you know I make a lot of
videos I have a lot of ideas you know
I’m an ideas person my ideas aren’t
always necessarily thorough but I try to
put ideas out there for
the masses to gestate you know into
something more hopefully or eventually
and sometimes I do go into depth with
some of these ideas that put out but
I’ve always sort of been a more creative
minded person always been more of an
analytically minded thinking type person
I’ve never really when I was younger I
did really well on math but later on in
life I didn’t really enjoy mathematics
and language arts and things of that
nature but I did very well in terms of
analytical testing and stuff like that
so I just wanted to make this video to
talk a bit about you know how for me
humility is the state that I’m coming to
cultivate more of an encompassing I’m
starting to really challenge myself to
restrain that part of me that wants to
correct others who I might know are
factually incorrect now there’s a lot of
instances where I am incorrect and I’m
sure this is the same for everybody
obviously as human beings were all
there’s time somewhere in error and we
make mistakes and such as the nature of
learning without making mistakes without
failure your one cannot succeed so
aspire to failure some would say
and you know I can I could totally
relate to that in a lot of ways because
I found personally that when I when I’m
overconfident when I think that I know
it all that’s when my performance begins
to suffer
there’s that a saying that I think I
actually made it up my camera but I’ve
been saying it for so long that you know
I think that I’m I’m kind of quoting
myself what I’m saying
it’s something like
when you think you got it figured out
just stop thinking
now people can be ignorant if they want
to I’m starting to i’ve always known
this but practicing it and restraining
one’s emotional you know outbursts and
trying to protect one’s ego typically
brings us down to the level of arguing
with fools who will beat us at their own
game essentially
and what I’m trying to do is to let
people be ignorant you know let people
be proud of themselves because that old
saying you know pride cometh before the
and I can’t remember I think it was
actually a prepper we had said that
quote and I might have been I’m not
going to say who it might have been
because it might not have been so but
pride cometh before the fall and I’ve
been starting to
not necessarily
empower fools in there
they’re talking points
and I don’t want to necessarily say
fools I’m pretty generous in my
evaluations of people being a counselor
at all but people who are playing the
fool I should say I don’t think
anybody’s necessarily a condemned to be
it’s an attitude thing you know so if
somebody wants to be ignorant I’m
starting to take the approach of let
that person be ignorant because it had
on a long enough timeline assholes get
white and the ignorant shall reap the
consequences of their ignorance at some
point it may
you know the false sense of confidence
that it might bring someone to put
somebody else down or to
subjugate another person or to compare
themselves more vitally to somebody else
whatever sort of pride they get from
that it’s not going to actually get
anything from them you don’t get
anything I don’t get anything when I
talk and make these videos all I get is
the hope that somebody is going to
respond and give me more knowledge
because I do not learn anything by
talking it’s impossible to learn and
talk at the same time it’s impossible
for me to
beep outputting information while
inputting information so as much as I
want to share my ideas I know that it’s
in vain if I do not get
feedback and I do not get more ideas
from people who perhaps have different
ideas in me or can build on those ideas
have their own ideas we’re just more you
know perhaps skills in certain areas you
know so I totally embrace I’m starting
to embrace different opinions more what
looks like I’m running out of gas wasn’t
prepared for that ironically but I’m
really starting to try to restrain that
part of myself that wants to be right
not so much wanting to be right but to
learn because whether somebody’s you
know no matter what form ignorant sticks
it doesn’t get anybody anywhere and for
me to dignify it
by you know trying to argue with
somebody about something trivial and
taking things personally and stuff like
that is not doing anything for me it it
really isn’t doing anything for them
either you know and I just – I used to
be pretty quite the firecracker when it
came to that kind of thing I used to
really want to put people in their place
and I’ve realized that in doing that you
know I’m wasting my time I’m wasting
their time and I’m just enabling the
stupidity in a lot of ways
you know there’s a lot of things I am
I’m wrong about you know there’s a lot
of mistakes that I make and when I do
make a mistake and somebody points it
out I like them to provide details you
know I like them to go into too depth
about it you know and I recently had a
video that I had put up maybe about a
month ago was called shtf the imminent
pandemic and a subscriber gender Leslie
had you know did her a video response
about it and wasn’t really about the
topic itself it was about something I
said sort of off the cuff there and you
know he was very thorough in his
explanation of you know his reasoning
for that specific aspect of the video
that he disagreed with in with that I
was I was very content with that
response because it was very thorough
although I didn’t agree with it you know
but it was thorough and it was you know
he expressed his views and you know I
respect that
and there was no there’s no attempt to
silence the other person
you know sensor the other person
now we can have like respectable debates
and that’s what I like about this sort
of community of youtubers which stand
aside I think from the normal community
of Preppers when I say normal I mean
like the big names you know I mean
there’s the big names in the prepper
community you know who don’t really
perhaps so too big now to really
you know communicate a lot with their
subscribers and stuff but there is a
community of us and that you know talk
with one another and you sort of think
about scenario as we brainstorm things
and we try to learn from each other and
I think that’s you know that’s one of
the things that intrigued me into making
a channel in the first place was to hear
and see people communicating with one
in ways you know that were respectful
and in spite of disagreeing with each
other we can be adults and we can
recognize that you know we don’t know
philosophy of epistemology which is
concerned with the pursuit of knowledge
and this idea that you know we do we
know anything
knowledge of your ignorance of what
you’re being ignorant of is true true
wisdom lots of people
to assume they they know
when the reality is there’s so much that
they don’t know and that’s where I think
wisdom comes in wisdom is realizing what
you do not know realizing how small you
are and humility doesn’t have to be
passivity you know humility is not being
humility is assertiveness humility is
speaking your mind not in a cocky way
not in an overconfident way humility is
just being truthful but at the same time
realizing that there’s a chance that you
might be wrong
you know it’s when people get aggressive
and passive passive aggressive and we
all struggle with those kind of things
I’m not perfect nobody’s perfect but I
really think that in an shtf scenario
especially you know those ignorant
people who
bottom-feeders intellectual
bottom-feeders intellectual midgets no
offense to midgets or people in the
but people who are just stuck on stupid
so to speak you know let them be let
run their course
the rotting types the looting types you
know how long is that going to last
people want to
assemble into
gangs on the basis of some shared
characteristic and everybody who doesn’t
have that characteristic thing
marginalize and you know
treat differently
hey you know what
that might work for them for a while
that will bring them some social
cohesion for a short period of time
until they get some popped
until their bubble gets burst
see I’m a firm believer that
you know good good is stronger than evil
not to evoke any religious religiously
rhetoric or anything like that but
I do believe that
the meek will inherit the earth I do
believe that those who can remain humble
get the strongest and I go back again
they use this example before of PhD
students who never get too haughty and
never get to fly on their own horse
high on themselves they always
they never get too excited with what
they know
they always recognize they could be
wrong and very seldom do they talk very
seldom will you hear them
you know
trying to educate others
because the student
or the most efficient student is one who
learns more than they who consumes more
than they produce
you see Chad
you can’t learn anything while you’re
while you’re talking and you can’t and I
recognize this so although I might be
very prolific with these videos
don’t think for a second that that’s
somehow is a reflection of
be thinking I know at all
if anything every video I make I realize
how much less I actually know because it
opens up door after door after door of
more ideas
so yes I’m on a roll now where I’m
making a video a day you know in a few
months might be a video a week and a few
months after that it might be a video a
month so I’m just gonna enjoy it while
lasts I have a lot of videos planned I’m
booked up for at least a couple more
weeks of one video per day so
but at the same time I I do recognize
the power of humility and the power of
listening and it cannot be overstated in
every respect he listens
humbles himself in the face love
I don’t want to say someone who’s
superior but mastering
is will be the strongest someday they
will be stronger than those who are
perhaps stronger than them now
but our I’d like to talk that like
the trash talk
think that they are superior to other
people whether it be intellectually
physically emotionally spiritually
you know there was a time when I seen a
person who was
overweight or obscenely you know obese
or something like that and I would have
criticized that person for it
I would have said oh man like they
really let themself go and you know I
still do believe that hey personal
responsibility you take you will you
accept the consequences for the choices
you make in life at the same time I try
to look at the positives I try to say
okay you know there’s reasons why this
stuff is happening some of it is
some of it is that within the system
some of its built-in it’s the food you
know it’s the the advertising it’s this
in that for his personal responsibility
but I try now to to feel more sorry for
that person because I get nothing by
comparing myself to that person and
essentially saying to myself I’m better
than that person I get nothing from that
that does not bring me one ounce of
credibility or money or intelligence it
brings me absolutely nothing to put
somebody else down unfortunately in the
corporate world and work world it does
but in reality and in the scenarios for
which we all prepare in which there is
no rule of law
the only thing that’s gonna matter it’s
not it’s not the fake sort of social
rank that you’ve been ascribed for you
know your ass-kissing it’s gonna be what
you actually know and that’s gonna be
the result of how humble you were
what the grid ms-office so try to be
empathetic try to be patient try to
restrain yourself when you want to
attack somebody else or put somebody
else down because really it says 10
times more about you than it does about
that other person and perhaps some
people aren’t at a point where they’re
capable of understanding what I’m trying
to say and perhaps there’s some sort of
mental block away from them grasping
this which is important due to that
ignorance and I don’t really know how to
to get around that aspect you know some
people are really stuck in the lower in
the sort of lower reptilian brain level
of functioning you know they really
don’t they’re really not
willing to explore higher levels of
consciousness and cognition
I really feel bad for a lot of the
belligerent grunts out there
or just ignorant
but I’m really rambling on and I suppose
I really don’t care too much and I’m
rambling on this was going to be a long
rant of a video but by all means and
like comment subscribe and remember that
your comments are what fuels me making
these videos your comments stimulate
thought and without them though feedback
without you know that which will propel
my evolution along all the dimensions I
talked about then this putting out this
these thoughts these ideas this
information is in vain
so that said I’ve reached my destination
and Canadian prepper is signing up

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