SHTF: Way of the Nomad (Part 2) (Bugging out)


hi folks Canadian prepper here just wanted to do a follow up to the video on the way of the Nomad fucking out and shtf.
in that video I talked a bit about how nomadism was the original mode of subsistence of mankind and the in a grid
down situation it may well be a feasible option for some people depending on the
environment that they’re in and I use the Canadian boreal forest as
an example of that and I did have some feedback one subscriber who noted that
you know there’s a reason why the boreal forest is so sparsely populated or was
so sparsely populated in that it was not suitable to human habitation and I did
offer a slight rebuttal to that in that you know there were Native American
people who to this day still live in the Canadian Woodlands
and perhaps many of them did not survive the colonialization

and i know you know there was a lot of stuff in canada with
the residential schools and there was definitely a lot of foul play along with
with dislocating the native people so on some points i can agree with the
commenter I believe it was struggle buggy I Kember what exactly what the
YouTube name was but he offers some really good insights anyways it’s always
got some interesting saying things to say when he does comment and so I do
respect you for commenting there brother and although I you know I do I would
have to disagree to some extent because there is an abundance of wildlife in the
Canadian north and for a hunter-gatherer society it’s definitely you know
hunter-gatherer society could subsist and most hunter-gatherers were nomadic
so you know you you stayed at a place for a certain period of time and then
you and then you move on there are pastoral nomads who hurt
flocks without the buffalo on the planes anymore which you know after after a
couple decades would probably start to retake the prairies honestly if there
was enough that doesn’t take long for nature to correct itself so long as
there’s a few herds chances are they’ll reproduce rather quickly
but pastoral nomads I’m not sure if you’ll see a lot of that you might see
some of that in a total grid down collapse I mean it’s purely theoretical
right but it’s something that you could see people with Hertz and grazing moving
with the grace wherever the grass is essentially and after that of course is the
horticultural level which indeed is the is a good mode of subsistence and I don’t necessarily argue against that

although I would say that you know
there’s something about the nomads that is maybe it’s just fantastic thinking
but there’s something about the nomads that is that seems stronger than the
horticulturalist I mean they’re more it’s a more primitive mode of being
indeed and I like the quote from that zombie movie what’s called World
War Z or Brad Pitt’s briefly utters the words movement is life and it’s so true
to be sedentary is is no way to to live no there’s no way that
you can have any quality of life or any you know the progressive movement any
evolution without movement and so that’s why I I’m not you know
staunchly against the nomadic approach like some people are some people are
very it’ll swear against bugging out and I think struggle buggy had to mention
that you know he felt that only 99% of people could survive in the Canadian
wilderness and I think that’s true if if you’re talking about putting a person
who is completely naked into that environment and having them trying to
make everything from scratch you know I’m talking like send you both strings
and you know bow drill fires and shit like that
but I think if you’re talking about incorporating some of our modern
technology into that endeavor I think that survival rate goes up
immensely – I’d say almost you know 20% if you had the person with modern tools
trying to exist in that environment I think it’s going to go up substantial I
think where it goes down significantly is when you’re looking at it from a
full-on bushcraft perspective than indeed not many people would be able to
survive that if thrown into the bush naked there are some wilderness gurus like Dave
Canterbury and Cody Lundin who may well thrive in that sort of circumstances but
chances are yes indeed few people would be able to survive that in my response
to his comment on that was that you know as human beings we all have within us an
animalistic side we all have a beast within us we all have the potential to
return to that animalistic state if we suppress enough of our
cognitive and social conditioning you can’t just
eradicate 1 million years of biological evolution through 1,000 years of
modernity so as much as I agree with him on the fact that you know it is there is
a reason why you know it’s not vastly populated in the Canadian north I still
do think it is possible and it probably is one of the few places on earth due to
the low population density where it is entirely possible to subsist off the
land there there are links in Canada I mean there’s millions of plagues probably I
probably more in the hundreds of thousands but there’s so many lakes that
are stocked full of fish and fish pretty much provide everything the body needs
so just in fishing you know you could have a viable subsistence level
so on top of that you know land line game moose and elk and deer
and you know when you use all that the hides from those animals for shelter and
clothing it’s not gonna be a pretty lifestyle it’s gonna be very dog-eat-dog so to
speak but it could be done is what I’m saying it can be done and especially if
one was to you know befriend what remains of the Native Americans who
still in some parts practice the traditional ways of living then indeed
you could thrive in that environment but movement is life and you know
hunter-gatherer nomadic mentality once the grid goes down we’re going to revert
potentially to that to that mode of subsistence because as I said before the
energy flows in certain ways the and when I say the energy I mean the the
calories the you know the food you have to follow the food and the food’s always
moving foods never sedentary very few creatures are sedentary creatures many
operate within a given area they have a territory but that territory is subject
subject to change annually and you know so I don’t think I think the prepper
should try to find a midpoint I believe that there’s a midpoint between bugging
out and bugging in that’s not commonly understood and discussed and that
midpoint I don’t know what you would call it necessarily I haven’t really figured out
a word for it but it would be something to the effect of bugging in but being
able to move your operation your entire operation if necessary rather rather
quickly so with the expedience of a Plains Native American who would pack up
the teepees and follow the Buffalo you know and eventually they would they
would of course settled down for weeks if not months at a time but they
followed the Buffalo so I think there’s something to say about not being able to
bug out per se but being able to move being able to relocate
while preserving the majority of your resources
so I don’t know what we would call this it would be sort of semi bug-out you
know I don’t know what you would necessarily call it but let me know what
you think about this and by all means like comment subscribe keep the comments
coming there’s nothing more I like than hearing responses like that that
challenge what I say because it forces me to rethink and reconsider things and
I really appreciate the feedback and I’m almost at a hundred subscribers
here so that’s kind of exciting for me and I appreciate all the support I’ve
had and by all means do video responses if you if you so choose it’s always good to
hear especially some of the subscribers who usually comment you know it’s always
good to hear what you have to say and it would be nice to hear it in more depth
through a video response so let me know what you think in 80 forever

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