How to start prepping for disasters with the Prepper Essentials Cookbook

How to start prepping for disasters with the Prepper Essentials Cookbook

The world around us is changing and not only war and terrorism is becoming a more present danger but also Mother Nature is starting to play up with earthquakes , floods, Landslides.

So every sensible person knows that getting prepared for bad times is probably the smart thing to do.

The Prepper Essentials Cookbook wil show you how to:

In a catastrophic collapse, grocery store shelves will empty within days. If you are prepping, or even thinking of prepping, this is a valuable resource, containing not just delicious recipes, but herbal medicines, practical how to guides on essential things like purifying water and some yummy treats to make even the darkest time a little brighter. Cook Stevie Driver shares her recipes and her know-how to help you get the best start before TSHTF. This handy guide includes a Prepper’s Essential Shopping List with additional Non Food Items to stock up on at the grocery store. Condiments recipes, fruits and vegetables recipes made with both fresh and stored ingredients, recipes for Grains, Pasta and Rice, including the Prepper superfood, Quinoa. Desserts and Sweet Treats recipes, and a special section on Medicinal Recipes. The book also includes a useful HOW TO section with useful instructions on useful things like how to make your own Peanut Butter , how to skin tomatoes like a pro, how to dry herbs, fruits and vegetables without electricity and most important of all, how to purify water.



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